The 13th Computer Go UEC Cup


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1st day (March 5)

2nd day (March 6)

Originality award

"Kifuwarabe" by Tomofumi Takahashi

Reasons for the awarding of the Originality Award by Kunihito Hoki, Chairman of the Selection Committee

Mr. Takahashi, the developer of "Kifuwarabe", submitted an appeal document with elaborate tastes and introduced the design philosophy of the program in a format in which the three characters (developer, Kifuwarabe, and Hiyoko) designed by him interacted with each other. From this appeal statement, it can be seen that the author emphasizes developing while having fun, rather than strengthening the program by practical means. Recognizing that the expression method of the appeal sentence and the content introduced there are original, we decided to give it in honor of the originality of "Kifuwarabe".

Newcomer award