The 13th Computer Go UEC Cup


Participation registration

Registration will be started at 1 December, 2021(JST).
The deadline for registration is January 31, 2022(JST).

・To apply for participation, please fill out this form.

*If you do not have access to the google form, please fill the following items and send us by the following e-mail.

e-mail: ueccup-ec(atmark)
items:(Items 1. through 14. are required to be answered)
1.Representation person of your team/Contact person of your team
2.E-mail address of your team's representative
3.Program name and the English name
4.Program name abbreviation, if any
5.Program abbreviation name of up to five letters in English
6.Team name or Developer's names & the English Name
7.Nationality of participating teams
8.One main programmer's name
9.The main programmer's date of birth
10.Write down all the programs you used in the thinking section of your program, if any. Please specify the source. If there is none, write "none".
11.Please write down the hardware specifications of the participating program in as much detail as possible.
12.Is the thinking section of your program described original? If a participant uses a work for which a third party has the right, did you obtain the permission of the right holder or confirm that it can be used without the permission by appropriate means? Please leave one of the following.
(No problem, it's all proprietary programming/Obtained the permission for use by appropriate means/Confirmed that it can be used without the permission by appropriate means)
13.At this point, is one of the developers planning to come to the site? Participants from overseas are requested to participate remotely in consideration of the problem of Covid-19. We will check this question again at the end of February. Please leave one of the following.
(I (or We) will be coming/I (or We) plan to participate remotely/ Participate overseas remotely)
14.Please send us a appeal letter of your participation program. This will be used in the selection process for the Originality Award. The letter should be converted to PDF format by attachment file.
15.If there is anything you would like to contact the organizer about, please write it down.


If you have any other inquiries, please send them to the following e-mail address.
Contact email address:
The application for coverage will be released around February 2022.