The 13th Computer Go UEC Cup


The games are played over TCP/IP with modified NNGS.

1.Network facility

  • Network cables (with an RJ-45 plug on the end) are equipped in the hall. The players will connect their computers to the network with this cable.
  • The IP will be distributed with DHCP. However, if there is a network issue interfering IP assignment with DHCP, you may have to set it manually.

2.Game server

  • The game server uses a modified version of NNGS 1.1.22.

3.The protocol

  • A protocol that extends NNGS is used for communication. From this tournament, the matching and the start of the game are operated by the administrator. You are allowed to use only the following five types of command.
    1. Commands for login and logout
      [User name, sending a password, "quit"]
    2. Commands for playing a game
      [Designating a location to put a stone, "pass"]
    3. Commands for simplifying the display
      ["set client FALSE", "set verbose FALSE"]
    4. Command for inquiring the remaining time
    5. Command for terminate the game

    If a player sends a command other than the above that results in a problem in the server or the other player's program, the player may be punished.

    The following commands are used by the administrator to start a game.

  • Communication to start the game
    ["adminmatch" command]
    Only during the test period you can start the test game from the "admin" account for the administrator. During this period, you can log in without a password. You can use this command freely, but on the day of the competition, only the administrator can use this command because a password will be added to the "admin" account.
    The command should be used as follows.
    With login to player1 and player2, enter the following in "admin" account.
    "adminmatch <player1> <player2> <color> 19 <minutes> <seconds>"
    For example, you can enter the following command to start "alpha versus beta" with a time of 30 minutes without countdown, with alpha's black.
    "adminmatch alpha beta b 19 30 0"

4.Ending procedure

  • The game is terminated when the server has received “pass” twice consecutively, and you ignore the procedure of sending dead-stone information after that (you do not need to follow the procedure). Each player sends “done” immediately after the termination of the game. The result of the game will be decided based on the rules.

5.Test Server

  • The server that will be used in production will be released for testing closer to the tournament. It is strongly recommended that participants check the operation of their programs. Server:Please replace with the IP that was announced in slack
  • Programs running on GTP can connect to NNGS using one of two things:
    GTP_20180715.tar.gz ruby script: Text script for Linux or Windows. CGF Goban: Windows GUI.
  • You can test until the day before the tournament.
    To play using the CGF Goban
    0. Set your GTP program. "Setting(C)" - "GTP Setting(G)", "GTP engine full path", "c:\go\gnugo\gnugo.exe --mode gtp".
    1. "Play" - "Start Game(N)", "Black" is "Computer (GTP)", "White" is "LAN (nngs)"
    2. Check "AI Ryusei". IP (URL) is ""
    3. The login name "Black" is "test1", "White" is "test2".
    4. "Sudden death time limit" is "30"
    5. "Board size" is "19", "Komi" is "6.5", "Handicap" is "None".
    6. "OK"
    7. Run the new CGF Goban and
    8. "Play" - "Start Game(N)", "Black" is "LAN (nngs)", "White" is "Computer (GTP)"
    9. Other than that, it is the same as (2) to (6).
    10. Install telnet.
    11. From Windows 10 Menu, "Start" "Windows System Tools" "Command Prompt"
    12. telnet 9696
    13. "Login" is "admin", "Password" is "admin"
    14. Make sure test1 and test2 are logged in, by using "who" command.
    15. adminmatch test1 test2 b 19 30 0
    16. Then a game starts.