The 15th Computer Go UEC Cup


A CGOS server modified for the UEC Cup will be used as the game server.

1. Network Environment

WiFi will be available at the venue. Passwords will be available at the venue.
LAN cables (RJ-45 modular jacks) will also be provided.
IPs will be assigned by DHCP. However, you may be asked to set the IP manually.

2. Game Server

CGOS (UEC Cup version) will be used. The source of the server is available here.

  Server : (Please replace the IP with the one we will announce in Slack)
  Port : 6819

3. Program for connection to CGOS

If your engine runs on Go Text Protocol(GTP), you can connect to CGOS with either of 
the two below.

*Linux, Windows; Script to connect to CGOS with Python
*Windows; CGF Go board. Already tested on Windows 11

If you can connect to normal CGOS and play games, you can participate in this tournament.. CGOS (UEC Cup version) is Komi 6.5 and 30 minutes in Japanese rules.

4. Configure the connection program (for

1. Install Python
    Select "Windows installer (64-bit)". 
2. Run python-3.11.4-amd64.exe. Check "Add Python.exe to PATH".   Click "Install now." 3. Download 4. Extract  Right-click on "Start", select "Explorer", and open the "Downloads" folder,   Right-click on "cgos-client-python-v1.0.0" and extract all. 5. Edit simple.cfg (under cgos-client-python-v1.0.0\cgos-client-python-v1.0.0\). CommandLine = C:\Go\Lizzie\katago\katago gtp -model C:\Go\Lizzie\katanetwork.gz -config C:\Go\Lizzie\katago-gtp10.cfg ServerHost = ServerPort = 6819 ServerUser = your_program_name ServerPassword = password The above is a case of running KataGo included in Lizzie. The program name can be up to 18 alphanumeric characters. The password is also alphanumeric and up to 18 characters. These are registered with the contents at the time of the first login.   It can be the same as the program name. 6. Open the command prompt. Open the command prompt. Click "Start" -> "All Apps" -> "Windows Tools" -> "Command Prompt". 7. Move the directory (the following is in the command prompt) c:\Users\yourname> cd Downloads\cgos-client-python-v1.0.0\cgos-client-python-v1.0.0 8. connect to CGOS > python bin\ simple.cfg Start a test game

5. Set up the program for connection (for CGF Go board)

1. Download 2.
2. Extract  Right-click on "Start", open "Explorer", and open the "Downloads" folder,  Right-click on "", and then "Extract All". 3. Run cgfgoban.exe (under cgfgoban112\cgfgoban112\). 4. In "Settings" "GTP Settings   C:\Go\Lizzie\katago\katago gtp -model C:\Go\Lizzie\katanetwork.gz -config C:\Go\Lizzie\katago-gtp10.cfg 5. In "Game" , "New Game", set Black to "CGOS" and White to "Computer(GTP)". (Black and White are determined automatically at the start of the game.)   "IP(URL)"   "Port" 6819   "Login name" your_program_name   "Password" password 6. "Board Size" 19   "Komi" 6   "Handicap" None 7. Connect to CGOS with "OK".

6. Start test game

 Log in with admin to start a test game (the tournament management will perform 
this operation).
Participants are strongly encouraged to play the test game. 
You can test until the morning of the day of the tournament.
The bolded, red text is the part to be entered.

 $ telnet 6819 
 Connected to 
 Escape character is '^]'. 
 protocol genmove_analyze  
 gnugo1 waiting 0 1800.0 200.0 
 gnugo2 waiting 0 1800.0 200.0 
 Aya waiting 0 1800.0 200.0 
 match Aya gnugo1 1800 1800 
match Aya(1800?) gnugo1(1800?) 

 Now gnugo1 is the black player and the game starts." If "match Aya gnugo1 1800 1800", dummy1 is white. gnugo1 waiting 0 1800.0 200.0 and waiting are available. *The Windows version of telnet does not support Line Mode, so it is not recommended. Please use PuTTY. 64bit binary version. Execute PuTTY.exe and type as follow    "Host Name"    "Port" 6819    Select "Other" for "Connection Type" and choose "Raw" from the combo box.    "Open" to connect.

7. Watching the games

Spectating, including test games, is available at
A sample communication protocol for those who connect to CGOS on their own is available here.

8. Request 

 From this time on, we can send the evaluation values and readings to the server for display. 
An example is shown here. 
 Please implement cgos-genmove_analyze and send evaluation values and readings.
 Here is the source of the example implementation.