The 13th Computer Go UEC Cup

Important changes

This page discribes the main changes from the 11th UEC Cup. The 13th tournament is a hybrid event, so some details have been changed. Details will be announced separately to the participants. Only the main changes will be described here. We ask for your cooperation in managing the conference under difficult circumstances.


  • The submission of result record form and how to decice the win/loss have been clearly stated.


  • The test server will be communicated to participants separately.


  • Some items about online participants, such as "participating in the tournament" and "bringing your own computer," have been revised.

Rules of the convention

  • For the second day (finals), it was decided that the top 8 qualifying teams would be in the A league, and the 9th through 16th in the B league. Accordingly, there will be a total of seven matches on the second day.
  • For online participants, some of the wording regarding late arrivals and other measures was revised.
  • Since the result record form will now be submitted online, the wording in that section has been revised. This will continue even if the tournament becomes face-to-face in the future.