The 13th Computer Go UEC Cup


1. Participation
*A few changes have been made due to the hybrid event caused by Covid-19.

  1. Attending UEC Cup
    At least one of the developers is expected to appear at the competition site of UEC Cup and operate the program. This is fairly a reasonable request because one of the purposes of UEC Cup is to create a space for Go software developers to meet and exchange information. In order to prevent the spread of Covid-19 infection, we will make a special exception and hold a hybrid session onsite and online. There will be a chatting channel on slack and Zoom for participants to interact with each other.
  2. Bringing computers
    Onsite participants will bring their own computers to the venue. This includes power cables and other equipment necessary to run the computer. As a general rule, there are no restrictions on what computers you can bring. However, the wattage used by each computer must be reported at the time of registration; if the wattage exceeds 1000W, prior approval is required. In case of online participation, prepare a computer at each connection point.
  3. Using a remote host via the Internet
    You are allowed to use a remote host if you agree to the following:
    1. In the case of onsite participation, participants must come to the site in person. In case of online participation, participants should be able to check the connection in real time via Zoom, etc.
    2. The participant must conduct the remote operation with self-responsibility.
    3. Time loss due to the delay of communication and other similar reasons are included in thinking time.
    4. The UEC Cup Executive Committee shall not be responsible for the delay of communication.

    If you wish to use the Internet connection provided by the management for the use of remote hosts, it is strongly recommended that you test the connection well in advance of the competition.

  1. Requirements for decision making of programs

    #All participants (not only using program with other source code but also original program), when making an application, must submit an appeal summary that describes the features of your program. The appeal summary will be released at the competition website.

    #The format of the appeal summary is free style. However, it is strongly recommended that the technical features of your program are listed in PDF format of about 1 page or more in A4 size. The appeal summary is also referred for awarding the originality prize.

    Program should be one of the following:

    • The decision making of the program is done with original modules.
    • Programs with a source code that is permissible to use (in this competition by its developer) must add an explicit unique contrivance. In addition, use of other source code and the added contrivance must be written explicitly in the appeal summary.
  2. Functions required for all programs:
    1. Display the win/lose result when a match ends with two consecutive passes.
    2. Have the communication functions specified in Protocols.
    3. Ability to change the time limit from 30 minutes to 20, 15, and 10 minutes.

3. Playing a match

  1. Playing over network
    Games are played over a TCP/IP network. To know about the protocols in detail, see the “Protocols”.
  2. Programs without communication functions
    If games over the network are not feasible for a program, the player can manually input moves through an input program or other. In this case, the following conditions will be applied. Players must input a move designated by the program. When it is found that a player has input a different move, he/she will lose the game immediately. The time required to input moves is also considered. In the case of an input mistake, the time required to recover it is also considered.
  3. Operating a computer during games
    Operators must not provide additional information to the computer or revise the program during a game.