The 15th Computer Go UEC Cup



(2023.11.4 revised)
No Program name Developers
/Development Team
Nation From
Apeal Letter
1 Crazy Stone Crazy Stone France  
2 Thunderbird Hiroaki Saeki Japan  No
3 Engawa Satoru Yoshieda Japan  
4 Eg/EvoGo Kensuke Matsuzaki Japan  No
5 Aya Hiroshi Yamashita Japan  
6 DeepEsper Koshikawa Yasunori Japan  
7 mayoigo masaki murayama Japan  
8 QinoaIgo Qinoa Japan  
9 Ray Yuki Kobayashi Japan  
10 asura Katsuki Ohno Japan  
11 *Crazy Stone 1984 Crazy Stone France  
12 **Kifuwarabe Takahashi Satoshi Japan  

*"Crazy Stone 1984" is a program developed by the Crazy Stone team that runs on 8-bit PCs. They wished to exhibit a demo at this event. Since this is a very interesting project, we have decided to invite them to participate as an invited program at this year's convention. The application for participation has already been closed, and the program will be treated as an invitation program, which is not eligible for the awards.
**"Kifuwarabe" has requested to attend only the first day and will be allowed additional participation; he will not attend the second day.