The 13th Computer Go UEC Cup



Tripleize Awards

  • 1stCertificate, plaque, and prize money :TBD
  • 2ndCertificate, plaque, and prize money :TBD
  • 3rdCertificate, plaque, and prize money :TBD

Originality Award

Award for a creative and attractive program by certificate, plaque and prize money:TBD

At the UEC Cup Computer Go Tournament, we will actively evaluate creative programs based not only on strength but also on our own evaluation criteria.

Newcomer Award

The young (under 30 years old at March 5, 2022) main programmer with the best results will be awarded by certificate, plaque and prize money:TBD.
(However, the programmer must not have won the UEC Cup Newcomer Award, Encouragement Award, etc. in the past.)