The 14th Computer Go UEC Cup



Top Performers' Award

  • A-League 1stCertificate, plaque, and prize money :100,000 JPY
  • A-League 2ndCertificate, plaque, and prize money ; 50,000 JPY
  • A-League 3rdCertificate, plaque, and prize money : 30,000 JPN
  • A-League 4th-8thCertificate
  • B-League 1stCertificate and prize money : 20,000 JPY

From Scratch Award

For decision making part of programs, the best performing program that has developed its own code without using the code of others will be awarded by certificate and plaque. (Self-Judgements will be almost credited, but appeal summary will judge eligibility.)

Originality Award

Award for a creative and attractive program by certificate, plaque and prize money: 20,000JPY

The UEC Cup Computer Go Tournament actively evaluates for originality. The selection of the original award is based on not only the strength but also the original evaluation criteria. The appeal statement will be used as a reference when selecting the award.

Newcomer Award

The young (under 30 years old at November 5, 2023) main programmer with the best results will be awarded by certificate, plaque and prize money:10,000 JPY.
(However, the programmer must not have won the UEC Cup Newcomer Award, Encouragement Award, etc. in the past.)