The 15th Computer Go UEC Cup



Seven years have passed since the introduction of AlphaGo, and computer Go has entered a new dimension. Computer Go, which has become far stronger than humans, is not only being used by professional Go players for research purposes, but is also being applied as an opponent for amateurs. AI-based formative decisions in Go games help viewers understand the game.

In this tournament, which resumes in 2019, new programs emerge every year, and their capabilities continue to steadily increase year after year. However, the profundity of Go is boundless, and even with such advanced AI, we are still far from understanding Go. For that reason, the fun of Go is endless, and this profound game continues to serve as a valuable benchmark for AI technology.

After a series of online competitions at COVID-19, this year we are returning to the original face-to-face competitions, bringing developers together for a single event. We hope that the revival of technical exchange, which has been difficult to achieve online, will make this tournament an even more active and enjoyable event.

July 16, 2023
Executive Chair
Takeshi Ito (University of Electro-Communications)