Waching Event
BELLSALLE Iidabashi First
26th March,2017, 10:00am Open, 10:20am Start

 Schedule  * It may be changed by game advance.
Opening ceremony and introduction of players
1st game: Ryo Ichiriki (RYUSEI) vs DeepZenGo
2nd game: Ryo Ichiriki (RYUSEI) vs Fine Art
Review ("Kansou-sen")
Closing ceremony
 Live distribution The waching event will be broadcast live on Go Shogi Channel Website (Japanese version).

 The English version commentary will be broadcast live from the University of Electro-Communications.
Commentary Live (English version)
   Commentator Michael Redmond 9dan

   Commentator Antti Tormanen 1dan

Satoru Kobayashi 9dan
Born in Matsumoto, Nagano on 1959.
He became a disciple of Minoru Kitani 9dan.
Became 1dan in 1974, 2dan in same year, 3dan in 1975, 4dan in 1976,
5dan in 1977, 6dan in 1979, 7dan 1982, 8dan 1984, 9dan in 1987.
Chizu kobayashi 6dan is an elder sister. Kenji Kobayashi 7dan and
Takayuki Kobayashi, associatei-professional player are elder brother.

He belongs in the Nihon Ki-in Tokyo Hon-in.

Hirofumi Ohashi 6dan
Born in Tokyo on May 25, 1984.
He became a disciple of Yasuro Kikuchi.
Became 1dan in 2002, 2dan in same year, 3dan in 2003,
4dan in 2006, 5dan in 2011, 6dan in 2015.

He belongs in the Nihon ki-in Tokyo Hon-in.

Akino Izawa 2dan
Born in Nara on October 31, 1978.
Became 1dan in 1998, 2dan in same year, 3dan in 2001, 4dan in 2007.
She belonged in the Nihon Ki-in Kansai So-Honbu till 2011.
She moved to the Nihon Ki-in Tokyo Hon-in in 2011.
Seiken Takanashi 8dan is his husband.

She belongs in the Nihon Ki-in Tokyo Hon-in.