Professional Go Player
Ryo Ichiriki, RYUSEI

Born in Miyagi on June 10, 1997.
He became a disciple of Song Kwang Bok 9dan.
Step 1dan in 2010, 2dan in 2012, 3dan in 2013, 4dan in 2014, 7dan in same year.

2012-10-28: 9th Nakano Cup d. Son Makoto
2013-05-16: 4th Okage d. Anzai Nobuaki
2013-11-17: 8th Hiroshima Arumi Cup d. Fujita Akihiko
2014-05-11: 1st Globis Cup d. Kyo Kagen
2014-05-16: 5th Okage d. Seto Taiki
2014: 39th Shinjin-oh d. Shida Tatsuya
2016: 25th RYUSEI d. Iyama Yuta

He belongs in the Nihon Ki-in Tokyo Hon-in.

Computer Go Programs
Champion and Vice-Champion programs of the 10th UEC Cup Computer Go Tournament
The following two programs will challenge to Ryo Ichiriki 7dan.

Fine Art(绝艺) Champion program
This is a Chinese program by Tencent AI Platform Department. First participation and first
victory in the 10th UEC Cup Computer Go Tournament. Tencent is a Chinese internet company and
the one of the world's largest game company. This AI system was made by 13 developers' team.
On the internet, it was talked about the strength of this program. In the 10th UEC Cup,
we saw a further improved version than the ones on the net, won all seven preliminary rounds
and won the race in the final tournament. The basic thechnology is the same as AlphaGo, the
method combining Monte Carlo tree search with Policy Network and Value Network using Deep Learning.

Vice-Champion program
This is a Japanese program by Team DeepZenGo. At the UEC-cup Computer Go Tournament, the program
participated from the third tournament as "Zen". Victory of the tournament is the past 3 times
(5th, 7th, 9th). It won the most winning prize.
The DeepZenGo project was announced in March 2016, and about one year improvement has been done.
Technically, it used Deep Learning to configure Policy Network and Value Network and enhance it
by combining with conventional "Zen".